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Friday, May 29, 2015

Whaley's Big Adventure

Children's Book Week is one of my favorites because the books are short and delicious. I love finding new gems to pass on to the small humans in my life, and Whaley's Big Adventure by Carole P. Roman and Alexander Luke falls in to this category.

Whaley sets off to find other kinds of whales in the ocean. He runs into an orca, a humback whale, a gray whale, a baluga, a sperm whale, and a whale shark, which isn't really a whale but is someone that Whaley wants to play with anyway. After meeting all of his new friends, Whaley asks his mother if he can invite them over for a play date. They all frolic in the ocean together and have a whale of a time.

Did you know that sperm whales have the largest brain of any living animal? I sure didn't, but it's one of many super cool facts I learned from reading this book. I love that there are a small amount of whales presented and one or two big facts are presented. It's enough to learn but not too much to forget. My absolute favorite part of this book, though, is that Alexander Luke was five years old when he wrote this story, and it was brought to life by his grandmother, Carole. This warms my heart.

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