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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 2015 Mini Bloggiesta

It's that time again!

This summer's Mini Bloggiesta is all about playing catch up. Which is funny, because my list is a little on the long side thanks to the Blogger's Conference at Book Expo America this year. 

Here we go, guys. Let's catch up.

I will be using this post to go back and cross off as I go.

To do:
  • Create a Pinterest button
  • Back pin reviews
  • Create a Sassy Peach Tumblr
  • Change Netgalley contact to my SPR email
  • Find a way to cross pollinate content (fellow bloggers, I'm coming for you!)
  • Put my SPR email on my phone 
  • Look at creating a SPR YouTube channel
  • Explore a once-a-month podcast
  • Back post reviews (I believe I have about six of them to catch up on)
  • Apply to a specific advertising company
Other things I'm considering:
  • Create a mailing list
  • Poll readers
  • Possibly look at giveaways
Happy Bloggiesting, fellow bloggers!

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