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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Among Ten Thousand Things: A Novel

The hottest new release of last week was Julia Pierpont's Among Ten Thousand Things, and that is for good reason. It's amazing.

Kay picks up a box from her family's doorman and opens it, hoping it's a present for her. What she finds inside will fracture her family. Her father's mistress has printed out the entirety of their email conversations and mailed it to his wife, Deb. Even though the affair ended months ago, this revelation will send the family scattering in different directions, physically and emotionally. The ties that bind may not be enough to hold this family together as they revisit their past and try to make their way into the future. 

This book pierced my heart. I was so absolutely taken by this novel and it's willingness to put everything on the table to be judged for everything that it is. I can't think of anything about this novel I didn't like. The character development was beautiful and full for everyone, including all four members of the family. The story developed like a blooming flower, or a puzzle in a timelapse video, where everything just comes together seamlessly regardless of whether or not you like the picture that is put together. Reading this book was such a joy, and it opened my heart in a way that sometimes only a well-crafted novel can. 

Life is messy, and marriage is hard. Nothing about these two statements is new, but this story sure does express these two sentiments hand over fist. Deb and Jack started in the same way that their marriage is ending, which is not enough to say, "I told you so," but can certainly lead to it. Reading this book at this point in my summer was exactly what I needed, and it allowed me to understand the book in a way that I'm not sure I could six months ago. You should pick up this novel. It will warm your heart and break it at the same time. You will not regret a moment you spend with this book. 

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  1. So, it was good then? Jk. I'm going to read it.

  2. Oh, my gosh. You can sign into your blog with AIM! I am so going to try to figure out my password from college.