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Monday, July 13, 2015

Center of Gravity: A Novel

I picked this one up at Book Expo America this year because, honestly, I thought the cover was cool and the story sounded creepy. It is, and it was. This is Laura McNeill's Center of Gravity

Ava Carson is living a wonderful life. Her handsome, successful husband has given her a baby boy and an adorable stepson to complete her full, stay-at-home mom life after years working in her hometown school. That is, until one day he begins pulling away and turning her into the enemy. As her world unravels and she feels as though she is the one who is crazy, she begins digging deeper into Mitchell's past. With the help of her new lawyer in town, she begins uncovering secrets that her husband would rather not have made public. If she's not careful, she may lose more than just her marriage and her children.

This book was interesting. I didn't necessarily feel as though the concept was new (husband hiding a secret involving the death of a previous wife who gaslights his current one), but it was a quick, enjoyable read for the summer. The last third of the book is definitely a page turner, and when you get to the last 25 pages or so, you will be flipping to find out what happens. There is some severe foreshadowing regarding one of the smaller plot lines, and Mitchell is just a sociopath. So much so that I am shocked Ava, his wife, didn't bother figuring that out sooner. I was confused as to why a woman would agree to marry a man, even as handsome as he was, without knowing anything about his past. I mean, I guess if a guy tells me his family is dead I wouldn't question that. But wouldn't you at least Google the guy at some point, and not two years into your marriage?

I did, however, love her stepson and his obsession with superheroes. It was a lovely aspect of the character, and it added a nice dimension to the story in several aspects. I would have also loved to see more of the lawyer and get more into his backstory, because he was one of my favorite characters as well. He had a depth to his character that made me want to keep coming back to his story. Overall I would recommend this as a beach read. It's not too heavy and can easily be gotten through in a day on the sand in the sun. 

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