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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fight Club

Why have I never read this book before? It's almost shameful. Seriously. Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club.

Shall I blurb the book? Or is it so ingrained in pop culture that you understand the general story? A man is so downtrodden and hates his life so much until the day his apartment is blown up and he finds Tyler Durden. Together they start Fight Club, and it changes his life. The only problem is -- who, really, is Tyler Durden?

The ubiquitous Fight Club. I had never actually seen the movie, so I decided to pick up the book first. It is true to Palahniuk form in that it's wild and crazy and fast-paced and at times you wonder if maybe you're losing your mind. The good news is you are very much not losing your mind, as this is a Palahniuk book, but the bad news is you still feel crazy and it really doesn't go away for the entirety of the story. It is, however, a bit of a masterpiece.

The main character, {who cares what his name is? he doesn't count next to Tyler!}, is a bit of a dud in his everyday life. He gets along just fine, but needs to attend all sorts of support groups under false pretense is in order to feel better about himself. He's an insomniac, which also doesn't help things. When he meets Tyler Durden though, he can finally become everything he wants to be. He's lost his home, but he moves in with Tyler and begins hoping Tyler make soaps for a living. All of this helps support Fight Club, which is a game changer in so many men's lives. This club spirals out of control until it ends up becoming almost monastery like in its training camp.

Now, if you're even remotely familiar with pop-culture, you know the ending of the story. While I was not necessarily surprised, I thought that the reveal was really quite incredible. It was great, and I knew the ending. (Yes, even though I have never seen the movie, I seem to soak up this kind of information like a sponge.) I would say that this book is well worth reading just for the reveal and for the putting the puzzle pieces together. Now, I'm going to go watch the movie and see what I think of that one.

Then there was this one time I went to my book club to hear Chuck Palahniuk speak on life and the upcoming Fight Club 2. It was really astounding. He is genuine and funny, and he is one hell of a storyteller. It was a lovely afternoon, and MashReads is to thank for that. I wasn't sure if there would be a signing, but I brought my copy of Fight Club just in case. Thank goodness I did -- there it is, ladies and gents. The man's John Hancock. Such a treasure. 

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