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Monday, July 27, 2015

Youngtimer: Adventures in Time

I am always scouting fun books for early and middle grades, and when G. G. Fulton's Youngtimer came across my desk I was excited to take a look at it. Traveling through time to see bands and movies? Now that's up my alley. 

Carly is devastated by the death of her grandfather. He was her hero, and he left behind a small box with a letter for her. It instructed her to only open the box if it became necessary -- or when she turned 18. Carly and her best friend Patti decide to peek at what's in side, and they find the most unbelievable thing. A time machine! They explore some of the things they have always wanted to see -- a One Direction concert and Santorini during the filming of their favorite movie. It's all fun and games until Carly decides to try to help her mother -- and in turn, may erase her own existence. Can she fix things before it's too late?

I had a lot of fun with this book. This is a book for middle grades, and so from that perspective the book is fun, well written, and interesting. Fulton has created a timely piece for kids, and I really appreciate that. The references to One Direction are cute and on point, and the girls learn a good lesson about how they can affect others' lives by the decisions they make while they are traveling back in time. They almost get two men fired, and they have to rectify that situation. It's a great lesson to teach through such a fun story.

It gets even deeper when they head to Santorini to watch the filming of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, their favorite movie. Santorini is beautiful, but they are too trusting of a stranger who offers to take them around. Carly specifically learns to be more mindful of where she is and who she is with. The greatest lesson, though, comes with Carly's final experiment with the time machine. She has to learn very quickly how important it is to not mess with the past -- when you do, you affect everything that comes later. This book was fun and definitely a learning lesson, and I would absolutely recommend it for your young readers in the house. 

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