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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Killer Next Door: A Novel

I loved Alex Marwood's debut, so I picked up The Killer Next Door this week to satisfy my crime craving. 

It's an "up and coming" area, but the rents are still good. The building attracts those who live month to month, and the landlord is creepy, but for the residents of 23 Beulah Grove, the price is right. A girl has recently run out on her place, which isn't unusual, but Collette doesn't mind -- she needs a place, and fast. Everyone keeps to themselves for the most part until one horrible, excruciatingly hot night, when an accident brings them all together. The problem is that one of them is a killer, and he will go to the ends of the earth to keep them all from finding out.

This book creeped me out to no end. Seriously. I just about lost it a third of the way into the book, and I can handle quite a lot. It was astounding, really, and it is one more pin in Marwood's hat that continues to make me believe in the power of Marwood's storytelling abilities. This writer has the ability to craft a tale that is realistic and incredibly well-researched, to the point where I want to ever avoid a situation in which a killer lives in my midst. The worst part about that statement I just made? So does everyone else. And there was nothing they could do to know.

The killer was extraordinarily creepy, and the description of his preservation of his "girlfriends" was what made me shudder so deeply. This combined with Collette being on the run, and clearly being the next target, made me uneasy about sleeping alone. For the record, both of my roommates are wonderful, but what if. What if, you know?!? I may need to start intermittent mandatory inspections. [Looks around quickly, checks under the bed for boogeymen.]

On a more serious note (no guys, I'm not searching your rooms!), this story was astounding and I would highly recommend it for your reading pleasure if super creepy thrillers are your thing. They are totally mine, and this hit the spot. My mother, for example, should not read this book. I found the characters to be sympathetic and well-crafted; I completely understood how the older woman with the long-term lease felt completely violated when her home was invaded while she was on vacation. I've met this woman before, particularly in New York City. Everyone was someone I knew in some way, and this heightened the heart-pounding events of the last half of the novel.

So well worth a read, I would say. 

For purchase below.

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