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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Unexpected Waltz: A Novel

I'm not sure I could have picked out a better beach book this past summer. This is Kim Wright's The Unexpected Waltz.

Marrying rich is definitely all it's cracked up to be -- until, that is, you find yourself a widow at a young age with nothing to do. Having left her job years ago when she fell in love with and married a VP at her financial establishment, Kelly is now alone and with a lot of time on her hands. After her daily run to the local high-end grocery, she finds herself having wandered into the dance studio next door. What are all of these crazy, amazingly fun dances she's seeing students do? Before she knows it, she has signed up for her first lesson. Before long, it's her new hobby. She will learn more about love and determination than she has ever learned before.

I will not lie to you, dear friends. With this book, you aren't going to get any hard-hitting journalism or deep thoughts. It is, however, a book that asks nothing more out of you than to enjoy it and it will love you back. That's my idea of a good beach book. It was light but it was oh-so-entertaining, and I found myself wanting to follow the story through to the end. Oh sure, I had some issues with the well-heeled Kelly and the depiction of her early years (all that sex was really just her trying to love herself!), but overall she came across as a fully formed woman who gave up her career for her much older, much more successful husband and then found herself regretting it just a little when, after he died, she didn't have much left. It turns out she hates serving on boards of directors and making centerpieces for galas -- and frankly, what self-respecting woman wouldn't? I appreciated her realness in all of this.

So yes, I think this is worth picking up for a beach read, absolutely. It had a sweetness to it that was fun and giggly in a girl-slumber-party kind of way. I finished it in a day and I had a good time in it. 

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