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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chasing the Dime: A Novel

After reading a couple of Michael Connelly's Lincoln Lawyer series I decided that I really like him. I took a stroll to visit my Book Guy on a nice day a couple of weeks ago and picked up one of his older ones, Chasing the Dime.

Henry Pierce is a biotech entrepreneur who has done very well for himself--everywhere except his love life. When his girlfriend leaves him, he has to get a new apartment, new furniture, and a new phone number. Only that phone number recently belonged to Lilly, who appears to have been a very popular escort. Who is Lilly? What happened to her? Why did she give up her phone number, and why does it seem like she just disappeared into thin air? The more Henry digs, the more he finds he needs to know--before it kills him.

I love a good-samaritan-bad-situation-and-even-more-bad-choices kind of story. This is exactly what I got and I enjoyed every second of it. Henry, who by all means meant well, couldn't leave it alone. He had to keep digging, even when the reader (me) knew he was on his way up sh&% creek. You know nothing good could have come from Lilly's disappearance, and Henry's run-ins with her [ahem] business colleagues lead you to the same conclusion. However, it's not the destination, but rather the journey that is worth following Henry's little adventure.

I was a bit surprised by the ending. While it was a little on the far-fetched side, sometimes I really want that in my weekend reading. I don't want heavy-handed writing that is going to make me think and contemplate the meaning of life; I want fast-paced, interesting characters who drive me through a nail-biting story and make me want to not get up from my new and comfortable reading chair.

[It's not new; it's actually quite old. But I do sink down in it, for the record.]

Hard copy for purchase below.

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