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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Sociology Book

My love for the Big Ideas Simply Explained series runs deep. I've done psychology (for adults and youth) and science. This year I picked up The Sociology Book and was just as thrilled. Probably more, because there was quite a lot I didn't know in this book. 

Instead of telling you what this book is about, I'm just going to jump right in. You will hear about some of the big ideas along the way. 

Let's just be real with each other here – you know how much I love these books. I live for them. Every May, a Book Expo America, I immediately markdown DK Books as a must stop in order to pick up whichever book is coming out this year. This just past spring, The Sociology Book was released and hot damn if I didn't run to their booths that morning to make sure that I got it at its exact drop time.

This book lived up to its hype. By hype, I specifically mean the that which I created in my head about the book. But seriously, DK does such a brilliant job with the series that it's impossible to not love it. I've written about The Psychology Book, and The Science Book, and this one absolutely matches up to both of those. It covers issues and theorists I care very much about, including social justice, how society functions, gender roles , and raise issues. There are definitely some sections I would like to have my students read in the future, and so this book will definitely be added to my recommended reading list.

I said before in previous reviews of the series, I think that the others do an incredible job of distilling incredibly important concepts and giving their readers a lay person version of some pretty complicated topics. Writers like Michael Foucault, bell hooks, WEB Du Bois, and others can be very difficult understand, but these authors do a phenomenal job of breaking it down. These books are well worth having on your shelf, and I can't wait to see what they have in store at Book Expo America 2016.

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