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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Fever in the Heart and Other True Cases (Volume 3)

More Ann Rule! This time it's the third volume in her true cases series, A Fever in the Heart

A beautiful young woman has two men vying for her love. These two men, however, are old friends. One, her high school sweetheart, is a gentle giant and a most lovable man. The other was the high school wrestling coach, prone to mood swings and violent outbursts. After she waffles between them, both end up dead. What happened in this sleepy Washington town?

This and Ann Rule's other short stories make up the third of Ann Rule's true crime files, and of course I loved every second. I am easy to please when it comes to true crime (and wine, but this post is about the book). While this has not been my favorite of Rule's compilations, I still enjoyed it thoroughly. The story of the Blankenbaker's, the marriage that fell apart due to a wedge driven into their family, and the man who was that wedge, was fascinating. A piece of me wanted to slap the woman for her stupidity, but as we all know, the heart wants what the heart wants, even if it means destroying the best things you have. This story seems pretty straightforward until halfway through when you are thrown for a loop, and then the end will shock you. At least, it did me.

There are a handful of other stories in this collection, two specifically focused on sexually deviant predators that really unsettled me. They were absolutely fascinating, but I am glad to have moved through those stories. In these True Crime Files, I always read the lead story last (it's the longest), and in this particular one I was glad I kept the top story for last.

Happy reading!

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