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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much

I read a great review of Faith Salie's Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much in Entertainment Weekly before I jetted off to Chicago for 2016's Book Expo America (more on that later!), and when I saw Faith was signing, I jumped in line to grab a copy.

Aaaaaaaaand, it turns out I'm in love with Faith. It's funny that I don't necessarily watch CBS's Sunday Morning or listen to NPR's Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me even though I am familiar with and thoroughly enjoy both. I fell in love with Faith in line for her book at BEA. She stopped for just a few seconds to talk to all of us who wanted to speak to her. She asked about my blog (so few authors do, by the way), and we found out we are from the same area in Atlanta. She told me I would love the chapter on her winning her high school beauty pageant (I did), and we laughed over growing up in the same place. It was hard not to ask her to be my best friend then and there. BUT, I didn't know what I was about to get myself into.

I started the book right away. (BEA wasn't even a week ago, b-t-dubs.) I finished it before I even boarded the flight home from Chicago. It's fair to say that I love every stinkin' word in this book. I love how honest and raw and full frontal Faith is about her life. She talks frankly about her first marriage and what a sociopath her wasband was. (She calls him her wasband. I love it.) She is upfront and clear about her desire for children, and she lets us follow her on her IVF journey. It's still hard, in 2016, to be so blatant about our desire as women to have children if we want them. I do, and when I was single, even a bit now, I often get, "Don't be in a rush," "Don't worry about it," and a million other pieces of advice that I just don't want to hear. It was so refreshing to hear that she brought it up on her first date with her husband. Can you see why I want her to be my BFF?

My favorite part of this book, however, was how funny she is. So many times, in books by comedians or personalities, they try so hard to be funny that it's blatant and very overdone. I never felt that way with this book. I found myself snorting out loud in bed while I was curled up pantsless late into the night with another one of her stories about freezing her eggs right before meeting her husband -- and joking about it with him to test the waters. I guffawed at her rummaging through Buy Buy Baby as though her life (or her child's) depended on which stroller she chose. I understood her need to win her high school pageant. She was hilarious in a very natural way, in the, "Oh, I say those things too always get in trouble for not thinking first TOO!" kind of way. So, Faith Salie, thank you for being you and for giving a silly lady like me not just a good laugh, but a feeling of having a soul mate on the page.

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  1. This blog is fun! I love the idea that I could read a book from it and then access your thoughts about it.