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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Volumes -- Chicago, IL

Hi loves!

I have been in Chicago this past week for Book Expo America, and through an amazing, roundabout way, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Kimberly, the co-owner of Volumes, an independent bookstore in Wicker Park. She is friends with my lovely friend Valerie, and Val introduced us and stopped by to visit yesterday. I fell madly in love.

It also occurred to me that I should take the opportunity to post when I visit these amazing, indie bookstores. I do this a lot, especially when traveling, and I would like to encourage you all to do the same. So, my inaugural Indie Bookstore Visit post!

What a lovely storefront.

It only got better inside. Kimberly and her sister built this store by hand, and the care and beauty really shows. Industrial and cozy while still being big and warm.

Val an I got some coffee and pastries and visited with Kimberly before perusing the selection.

Even though I had just scored almost 45 tomes at BEA, I still purchased from Volumes because I like knowing where my money goes -- to lovely indies and the employees and owners in Wicker Park.

Thank you, Kimberly and the staff of Volumes for your hospitality! Chicagoans, take some time soon to visit this lovely enclave. Also, the Mexican restaurant (XOCO) across the street is to die for, and Jeni's ice cream is across the street. Just make a day of it!

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