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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Goodnight Selfie

Where do I even begin with one of the most adorable children's books I have ever read? This is Goodnight Selfie by Scott Menchin and illustrated by Pierre Collet-Derby. 

A young girl receives the gift of an old phone from her older brother when he gets a new one. While she doesn't have the capability of calling, she does learn the art of the selfie. She goes nuts, taking selfies everywhere in every place. She even takes "elsie's," which are selfies with other people. She takes them all day until it's finally time for bed. She agrees to go to sleep -- on one condition. She gets to take one last selfie of the day: a good night selfie. 

I have been fawning over this book for more than a year now. I meant to review it after the 2015 Book Expo, but it got lost in the shuffle and I just enjoyed it from time to time, taking it off my bookshelf to paw through it and get a good giggle going. This past week, I read it aloud to my boyfriend who was surprisingly amused, although whether it was my very serious reading as though he was a child or if it was the actual book, I will leave up to him to know and me to find out. 

This book was completely loveable and positively enjoyable for the young set. This is a book even for the very young, as it's easy to comprehend and can be read by a young reader or to an even younger reader by a parent. It's a easy-to-comprehend story, as smart phones are so ubiquitous now that any child can relate to taking a selfie. In fact, just this week I saw at least four selfies friends have taken with their infants. So yeah, we can all relate. 

The illustrations are outstanding, the story is adorable, and the protagonist is a young girl. What more do you need to love this book?

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