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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Iggy Peck, Architect

Just like I loved Rosie Revere, I loved Iggy Peck. Iggy is inventive, creative, and for the life of him, he cannot stop building things. His dream in life is to become an architect and build the highest buildings, but his teacher has a strong dislike of the craft. Iggy has been building since he was a baby -- towers out of diapers, houses out of breakfast dishes, buildings out of school supplies. His love is tampered, though, by his need in school to make his teacher happy. Until, of course, the day that his class goes on a field trip only to find that their bridge has collapsed. His teacher faints, fearful that they will be stuck there forever. Can Iggy save the day with his skills?

I mentioned earlier this week when I wrote a post on Rosie Revere that I love this series, more than the world. I fell into STEM education research; in fact, this summer I am supervising undergraduate research interns in STEM education. I was never a big math and science girl (we could talk about the gender socialization patterns of school subjects forever...), so now that I work in STEM I find myself giggling often. It works for me. It also makes me love this series even more, as I love the idea that young kids could be so creative and smart and interesting, and this book (the series!) really makes that clear in a delicious and lovely and entertaining way.

Back to Iggy. He was a legitimately fun character and one that I am so happy to have sitting on my shelf. My favorite building of his, besides the final one that won over his teacher to his chosen career, was the castle he built of dirty diapers as a baby. I also loved the arc of the story, in which this young man felt defeated yet stepped up to the plate in a time of need to help his classmates and win over his teacher. It was the best, really, and I can't wait until Book 3 comes out. I will keep recommending these books to my elementary school teachers, and I will sing their praises far and wide.

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  1. Awwwww :) this sounds like such a cute book! I love the cover as well! And how cool is it that you could relate the kind of work you do in real life to this book. :) My mom works with kids, but I probably never would be able to. I'm patient, but not.... THAT patient. hehe!