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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Partner: A Novel

This summer I had two Florida weddings, which meant two weekend beach trips. Cue my happy music! You knows what a trip to the beach means -- A JOHN GRISHAM NOVEL! I had The Partner on hand, so I packed that one for my day in the sun.

Patrick Lanigan has finally been caught. After faking his death, he stole ninety million dollars from a settlement his firm was expecting and disappeared into the night.  By night, I specifically mean Brazil. In a small town he had set up a perfect life -- quiet, serene, and happy. Now he is back in Biloxi, where he hoped he'd never return, facing a bevy of charges from the Feds, the state, and his "bereaved" widow. Patrick, however, knows more than he should about that ninety million -- and he's willing to tell all, if you are patient enough for him to play his cards right.

In the World of JG, I would rank this in the category of "super fun reads." I couldn't put it down, really, and when my boyfriend texted to see if I was available to chat, I may or may not have said that I could only talk for ten minutes because I needed to go to bed, and by "go to bed" I mean finish my book. Eep! I thought this was one of Grisham's most well-crafted stories, leading me on a wild goose chase blindfolded. I had no idea where the story was going, and the slow reveal of all of the moving parts made for very captivating reading. I was super impressed at his storytelling skills in this piece. Regarding where it fits into the cannon, it came at a time where he was on a roll with some of his best books.

It is truly hard to like Patrick on paper, because he's clearly an ass. I mean, the dude faked his death by using the body of someone else (whether or not he murdered him or her -- he still used someone's corpse), he stole someone else's money, and he left his wife and daughter (albeit with a two million life insurance policy). But he is a truly sympathetic character. I LIKED him. I ROOTED for him. I wanted him to get off scott free. I cheered him on when he outsmarted almost everyone he came across. That, dear readers, is the sign of good character development. Patrick may arguably be one of my two favorite Grisham characters.

So this book in particular made me thankful I picked it as my first Florida wedding weekend beach read. Congrats to my super private friends on their gorgeous, meaningful, intimate nuptials. I'm proud and humbled to have been a part of your night.

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