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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Not My Mother's Kitchen: Rediscovering Italian-American Cooking Through Stories and Recipes

This was an unexpected pick-up this year, as I wasn't planning on taking home from Chicago more than my very specific list. However, I couldn't resist this one, as my Italian roots were calling my name.

I had originally picked up this book thinking that it would be a quick read of recipes and I can pass it onto one of my beloved family members. That flew out the window about 10 pages into the book. I quickly realize how important this but was going to be to me and to my kitchen. This is more than just recipes; it's a combination of parentage that expands and entire country, several regions, an individual households. It's a recognition of a culture that has a way of doing things that respects the individual differences. It has an abundance of garlic and onions, but it also visits cuisines that include meat, pizza (as plebeian as it is), pasta, and drinks. there is wine for sure, but don't forget the aperitif or the digestif.

There are more recipes and I can possibly name that I flagged before I put this back on my bookshelf. I found myself completely reveling in the stories, the history, and the food. I was hungry at a much more importantly strong level than I normally am, and that's saying something. Before I even finish the book, I ordered supplies from one of the resources in the back of the book, and I can't wait to get started this very weekend on some of the recipes in the book. Of course, I'm Italian, so I just take recipes the general outline or a good idea and make it my own. I'm looking forward to this process and creating some of these dishes my own.

Here's a picture of my hasty order:

Yeah. I'm sold. I am madly in love with this book and I will never go back. I will be gifting this book for years to come. Thank you, Robert, for putting a piece of my heart in writing and giving me and my generation a definitive book of Italian cooking of our own. 

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