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Friday, June 1, 2018

BookExpo 2018: A Recap

It was a great Book Expo this year. I am always surprised at how many books I manage to take home even when I am being consciously choosey. It’s a talent, I tell you. 

One of the remarkable things I found from this year was a new genre for me. I had picked up several children’s books over the years, but this time I found myself actively seeking out elementary and middle grade books in addition to children’s books to start building my son’s library. I got some magical pieces too, and I’m excited to share them with you over the next few months. 

Wednesday was a calmer day; most of the floor wasn’t open and it was panels galore. The Adult Buzz panel happened this day, so the rush to pick up Haley’s after was particularly insane since it was the focus of the show that day. I managed to get what I wanted, and I wish I could sit down and read them all right now. 

Thursday was the busiest day, and I was shocked midday when my shoulders started aching from my bag. I looked through all of my selections to see if I could lose any, but I wanted them all. 

Yeah. Nuts. I was able to get the new Ruth Ware and I’m dying to read it! Andre Dubus III was so kind and chatty, and Jill Lenore was so feisty and sweet. It was also incredible to (briefly) meet Gary Shteyngart. 

Friday was back to quiet, with more YA and fantasy drops. A nice chunk of these books are for my son. 

Doris Kearns Goodwin told me to say hello to my husband for her (heart melts!) and the small red book toward the bottom is about a mouse who makes it on Broadway. Love. 

It was a great three days, and surprisingly calm as compared to years past. I kept a low social media profile because I just wanted to experience it in full and not be focused on others. I went to some great panels and generally enjoyed myself. 

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