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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Xor: The Shape of Darkness

Moshe Sipper's Xor: The Shape of Darkness is the story of Lewis, a young man who lost his mother when he was 8 years old.  On his twelfth birthday he comes home from school to find his house destroyed, his father dead, and himself in a land he doesn't understand--Xor.  It turns out he was adopted as a baby by his earthling parents and he is actually a Shaper--the most important and powerful beings in Xor.  He is now charged with saving Xor from destruction by the Realm Pirates. 

Happy birthday, kid.  That was my initial thought.  I mean, how much would that bum you out on your twelfth birthday?  Actually, I might be more inclined to be pumped about saving a planet, but that's my sick sense of duty or humor or adventure or whatever.  I had a blast reading about the world that Sipper created.  There were ArPers (artificial persons), maps that popped up in the middle of the air, and transportation that feels like floating.  Where do I sign up?  I have vacation time coming up.

If you are a fan of fantasy then yes, this book is definitely for you.  Or if you just like reading about worlds that are unlike Earth than pick this up.  You can get it on Amazon for the awesome price of $2.99, so hurry up, kids.  Get your read on this weekend.

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