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Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Night

I picked up Luanne Rice's new book Little Night this weekend as a for-fun book and wow.  Totally worth my fun time!

Clare Burke spent two years in prison for attacking her sister's husband.  Although Anne was being abused, she stood by her husband in court.  Almost two decades later Anne's daughter, Grit, unexpectedly shows up on Clare's doorstep and is taken in.  There is a secret, though, that Grit is holding back from Clare.  Can Clare still save her sister?  And will it help heal Grit in the process, and in turn Clare?

I ripped through this book in no time.  Rice has a distinct writing style that is honest yet secretive.  She has a way of developing characters that makes me dig my heels in and not close the book.  I found myself caring deeply about the sisters, Clare and Anne, and their respective families.  I was horrified when Clare was sent to prison--after all, she was only protecting her family.  How could her sister allow Clare to serve time in prison for her horrible husband, Frederick?  Getting to know Grit was also intriguing--who is this young lady, really, and what is she doing in New York City?

This is a lovely novel that has the potential to keep you up all night with a curiosity about what the truth really is.  As you integrate yourself into the life of the Burke family (and their amazing historic Chelsea apartment) you might forget where you are and that you are not a long-lost sister.  Don't say I didn't warn you. 

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