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Monday, April 24, 2017

If You Were Me and Lived In...Elizabethan England

When a new batch of Carole P. Roman books come in, I am always thrilled. I was even more beside myself when I saw that it was a brand new series that extended off of her world series, this time bringing slightly older kids back in time to different time periods. Today's book is If You Were Me and Lived In...Elizabethan England.

If your name is Elizabeth or Henry, you are in luck! You would have fit right in during this time period. Kids were named for kings and queens, because, after all, it's Elizabethan England. If you lived in the big city -- London, that is -- you would have resided in a crowded residence with no bathroom and trash on the street in front of your home. You most likely would have run a business out of your first floor. If you lived in the country you certainly would have had more space, but pests were definitely an issue. No matter where you lived, you would have avoided the water. Just -- don't ask. You were either Catholic or Protestant, and you often ate your meals with many friends and family. Girls were trained to be housewives and boys were sent off to school or to master a trade. If you were me and lived in Elizabethan England, you would be making dinner even as I type this.

I am already super pumped about this series, and it's only my first book. I love that these books skew older and reach a different audience. In fact, I am keeping a small box of "older" books for my baby in order to have more to hand it as it gets older and starts reading more. I would put these books around 4th or 5th grade (unsure where they would fall on the F&P scale, for you educators out there), but they are definitely good to have around. There is a nice, long glossary of terms in this particular book, and the list of people you should know from the time period is pretty comprehensive in terms of history. It's also an informative book, and I love the sneaky learning factor that Roman always includes in her work. I'm excited for these books!

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