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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Wicked Girls: A Novel

When your favorite author recommends a book, you get it. That's how I found Alex Marwood's The Wicked Girls. I picked it up this week and WOW.

One fateful summer day two young girls lives change forever--they are convicted of the murder of a small child and will spend their childhoods in lockup. Two decades later, Kirsty is a journalist with a family who is on the beat of a serial killer and has moved on from her childhood experience. While on the case she runs into Amber, and regardless of the years and the name changes they recognize one another instantly. They both have gone to great lengths to move on from the past and build their current lives, and it could all come to an abrupt end before they know it.

I was really fascinated by this book and had a hard time putting it away. I feel that every time I picked it up I was furrowing my brow, attempting to figure out what had happened in the girls' childhood that would cause them to be two of the most notorious killers known in the U.K. The story was told in intermittent flashbacks throughout the present day story which was interesting and on the mark for me. I appreciated not knowing the truth of what happened until it was revealed bit by bit throughout the book. It was interesting and deliberate.

I had the killer figured out pretty early on, but I didn't feel in any way that it ruined the story for me. In fact, I found the "why" to be much more interesting than the "who." The psychology of killers is incredibly fascinating to me, and the juxtaposition of Amber and Kirsty with the present-day serial killer of local and tourist women was intriguing for me. I enjoyed the story immensely and was in it the whole way through.

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right.

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