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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Heads Up Psychology

Along with Monday's The Psychology Book, I also got my hands on the young people's version of the same, Heads Up Psychology. Talk about WOW.

This book starts off with chapters that explain what psychology is, what psychologists do, and what research methods are. I'm serious. I think that is what grabbed me so much. I spend a good deal of time at the beginning of each semester trying to explain this all to my students, and it is all just right there. It's really an incredible and easy read. This book is written for the non-psychologist, and the clarity and ease of this book is what keeps me from recommending it just to young adults. This book is for everyone to use and understand. 

I also am blown away by the organization of this book, and it is one of the selling points in using it in my educational psychology classes. Each section covers a different field of psychology, all of which inform my own field. It is organized in the most amazing way, and I am going to just keep gushing about it. Social psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, biological psychology--it is all there for the taking with interesting headings that grab even me. Theorists are broken down so that their theories are related to every day life, and the writing is interesting. Even I was riveted, and I already know this stuff. Really. Just madly in love. 

The graphics. OH MY GOODNESS, THE GRAPHICS. They support and explicate the information in the text, and at times the page seems crowded, but overall it's something I can ignore enough to put this book on my required reading list. I want my students, and everyone really, to understand this field and know how to apply this information (which can be, frankly, overwhelming and daunting for the average reader), and this book is what I wish I could have written myself. I. Love. It. 

For purchase for your young one below.

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