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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Science Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

What a week of knowledge, huh? Today I am talking about another book in DK's Big Ideas Simply Explained series, The Science Book. Yes, I'm still in love.

Talk about some big ideas--if you want to know the history of science, this is your gem. Starting with ancient history (the Greeks and other thoughtfuls) and moving into what is dubbed the "Scientific Revolution" (with such luminaries as Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton), any reader can grasp a strong basis for what we understand today. Next up comes 18th and 19th centuries (Ben Franklin and Proust in the former; Doppler, Darwin, Pasteur, and Curie in the latter) followed by the early 20th century (Einstein, Turing, and Oppenheimer). We end with mid-century to present, focusing on such big ideas as put forth by Steven Hawking. It is a sprawling book that illuminates big ideas that drive what we know and understand today, whether you are a scientist or not.

This was the book that first made me fall hard for the series. I picked it up at Book Expo America in May and I went over to the DK booth to absolutely gush about it. Hard science has never really been my thing, mostly because it was always hard for me to wrap my mind around the ideas. I wish I had had a handy guide such as thing while in school (the first time around); I may have been able to get a basic understanding enough to guide me. The first thing I read about was Schrodinger, as his cat paradox is referenced often and I still don't entirely get it. After reading his whole section, I was finally able to understand what is meant when someone references Schrodinger's cat.

I look forward to collecting all of the books in the series (philosophy, economics, politics), as they are amazing reference tools and help those of us who aren't experts in the field grasp on to concepts enough to have slightly intelligent conversations at dinner parties and such. Also, these make superb holiday gifts, which is why I chose to do my posts on them over the holiday week. Pick these up for the budding intellect in your life--they will be happily surprised this holiday season. (They will also be kept busy all day reading!)

For purchase below--just in time for the holidays!

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