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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Husband's Secret: A Novel

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book I read by Liane Moriarty, so I picked up The Husband's Secret one cold, rainy afternoon this winter.

Cecilia blames it all on the Berlin Wall. Her middle child is obsessed with knowing about it, so on a search to find an artifact that will aid in this learning, Cecilia finds an envelope from her husband with instructions to open it only in the event of his death. After some thought, she opens it. What she finds in the letter will rock her world, sending her life into a tailspin and forcing her to question all she knows about the foundation of her marriage and family. There are others that are also affected by the news in the letter--and once they discover the truth as well, no one's life will ever be the same.

I couldn't put this book down. As in, I sat at home one snowy day, didn't leave my house, and read this book cover to cover non-stop. (Ok, I did pause to eat and wash dishes, but it was negligible.) The story drove me to turn each page and read like a maniac to find out what was happening next. Moriarty has this way with her prose that keeps you hanging off of a cliff and instead of skipping ahead to the pertinent information, you find yourself thanking her for making you wait and you patiently read the filler between the lead-up and the information you need. (Maybe not so patiently.)

This was in a different vein than What Alice Forgot. This was much darker and soul-probing than Alice, and I appreciated that immensely. While I loved the previous novel, I felt this one was darker and deeper and asked in-depth questions of the lengths we will go to protect our family. Each woman in the story has a different motivation for her actions, but at the end of the day each chooses to be ferocious about the protection of marriage, family, and home. Circle the wagons, everyone. No one's getting in.

This was a fantastic read, and I picked it up at the exact right time in my reading journey. I dove in head first and swam the length of the pool before coming up for air. Moriarty's writing will do that to you. She will make you finish the race and leave you with answers whether you want them or not.

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right. 

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