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Monday, December 31, 2012

What Alice Forgot

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarity was given to me by a friend, and just the other day a different friend said she had just started the book--much to my surprise! I love it when that happens.

Alice wakes up in a gym after a nasty fall in her spin class. It's 1998 to her--she's pregnant with her first child and she certainly doesn't work out (spin???). Except it's actually 2008, she is getting a divorce, she has a new boyfriend, she has three children, and she is obsessed with her appearance. Pardon me? As Alice learns to cope with her "new" life and her lack of memories regarding the last ten years, she must accept the person that she has become while righting some of the wrongs that her 29-year-old self would have never accepted in her 39-year-old self.

This book was a positively outstanding and lovely holiday read. It takes place in Australia (Sydney to be exact) and I loved the differences in language. Beyond just the language, though I loved the story of Alice waking up ten years later and growing to accept and then rectify the differences between her new self and her old self. It's amazing to think how much I have changed over the past ten years--if I were to lose my memory today, would my 20-year-old self like my 30-year-old self? I sure would like to think so, but as we learned in Alice's case, ten years is a big difference.

Things change--relationships bloom and fall apart, children grow into their personalities, and feelings change. All this Alice learns in the few weeks she has no memory. The greatest gift she receives in this book, however, is the balance she can achieve between what her young self wanted for her older self and the truth of what changes in life as we grow and mature. Our kids will not always be the lovely little angels they were during pregnancy and the relationships with our loved ones will not always be simple and strait-forward as we want them to be. Life is messy, and it's who we grow into through the occurrences in life that matters, not the actual occurrences.

Links to purchase the book below; Kindle on the left, hard copy on the right:

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