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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Moment: Wild, Poignant, Life-Changing Stories

I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I heard about The Moment: Wild, Poignant, Life-Changing Stories from 125 Writers and Artists Famous & Obscure edited by Larry Smith.  I am glad I found it though.  It made my weekend.

This book is made up of 125 (plus one) essays of life-changing moments in each writer's life.  Some are as profound as the birth of a child, and others are as wonderful as a conversation with a parent.  Some are funny and some are sad.  But each and every essay is focused on the moment the writer learned something about either themselves or the world around them.

I had a ball with this book over the weekend.  I loved being able to bounce around essays and not necessarily having to read it front to back.  I was able to find writers that I already love and to discover new writers I will grow to love.  The bios in the back provided me with no less than five books I would now like to check out from the library.  I loved how short and to the point these essays were; I was never bored.

This book got me thinking, and I appreciate when that happens.  It inspired me to write about the moment of my own life.  What it is, I will never tell.  Unless, of course, it's published.  Then I will pass it on.  Find this book, ingest it, then find your own moment.

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