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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Silent Land

The Silent Land by Graham Joyce took my breath away.  Yes, my friends--it literally took my breath away while sitting on a commuter train on the third to last page.  I gasped so hard the lady next to me gave me a look of concern.

A couple takes an early morning ski run only to endure an avalanche.  When they find their way back to the hotel, they find everyone is gone.  They spend days looking for signs of life only to discover that everyone is gone.  Were they evacuated?  Where did they go, and why has no one noticed that Zoe and Jake were left behind?  Why can Jake not taste a thing or remember what happened just one minute before?  Is the land haunted, and what is up with the strange man who leaves footprints behind in the hotel?

All of these questions can not be answered here in this blog because I would be ruining this most amazing piece of literature for you.  The language is beautiful, the story is strong, and you empathize with Zoe in her descent into madness.  I could not put this book down because I desperately had to solve the mystery that haunted me every time I had to shut the book to do things like work, eat, or pay bills.  I needed to be with Zoe and Jake through their journey, and to leave them to enter back into my life broke my heart.

This book must never be left on the shelf; you must pick it up and be with these two as they journey through what is quite literally the silent land.

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