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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To Write A Sentence: And How To Read One

Stanley Fish's How To Write A Sentence: And How To Read One is exactly what it sounds like--in addition to being quite divine.  You don't have to be a writer to get something out of this book, nor do you need to be a heavy reader.  You just have to want to learn to love the sentence.

The part that I most appreciated in this book is Fish's encouragement to copy sentences in order to learn to write such beauties.  It was the best advice I have heard.  Find a beautiful sentence and copy it many times using non-sensical and mundane topics; it is the best way to train your brain to find beauty in your writing.

I own it--I am a nerd.  I love books like this that push me to grow and think and improve my writing.  I love the written word, and one of the best reasons in the world to write is because you love sentences.  It's not the only reason of course, but it certainly is a great one.

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