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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Thieves of Manhattan

I know you are all like, "Dang, Nic, where you been?" since it's been over a week since my last review, and the answer is that I have been in Europe.  I read some books while there, but when I tried to review them early this week it came out as gobbeldy-gook. 

Ok, ok, let's get to it.  You are riding on a schooner on the ocean, and all is going well.  It's languid and peaceful and you are enjoying the ride.  Maybe even reading a good book and eating some fresh mozzarella with your Prosecco.  You are curious as to where you are going but the fun is getting there, right?  Then BAM, pirates jump on the boat and all hell breaks loose.  This is a metaphor for The Thieves of Manhattan, by Adam Langer.

Holy cow, was I speed reading through by the time I reached the third part.  (Part 1 is Fact, Part 2 is Fiction, Part 3 is Memoir.  Can you tell this is a book on books?)  This book is intriguing and supremely addicting, and when the book suddenly twists out of nowhere (see the pirates reference above, although there are no pirates in this book, per se) you feel like you were just shot in the face.  It's incredible.

I can't even begin to tell you what the plot twist is because then I would give everything away.  You will have to read it for yourself.  And you should.  It's worth it.

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