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Friday, January 27, 2012

Life Itself

Life Itself by Roger Ebert was my celebrity-memoir-of-the-week.  I have to have one or I go through withdrawal.  Thank goodness I am ok...for this week, anyway.

Roger Ebert spares no anecdote in this memoir, be it from his childhood or from his pairing as half the Siskel and Ebert duo.  Ebert starts at the beginning, introduces us to his mother and father, and continues on to present.

I would lying if I said that at times the detail was too much for me--but I have to say that I don't think it's too much for everyone.  As I read this book I realized the importance of each one of these stories in handing down memories for someone else to keep.  We have all lived unique lives, and we must share our stories with our loved ones (and beyond, if we are able) so that our memory lives on.

Ebert is still alive and kicking, and he is going nowhere for a while.  However, his book was a lovely reminder to embrace every day and every experience without hesitation since you never know what lies around the bend.

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