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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Crisis in Crittertown

So, I'm a fan of the Cheddar's Tales series. It's a super cute, super fun set of books for kids in the early childhood set to be read aloud to by their parents, and in elementary school to read on their own. There's a good, positive moral to the story, and it's still adorable for parents to read. I proudly read Crisis in Crittertown on the train this week. 

Ever since The Change, the mice of Crittertown can understand, read, and speak English. It's the darndest thing, but they sure are enjoying themselves. Cheddar, Nilla, and his gang all live in the Crittertown post office and have a nice life there. They snack on the mailman's crackers, enjoy the daily hustle and bustle, and spend time relaxing and loving life. Then one day they overhear the mailman talking about having to close the post office. Where will Cheddar and his litter go? They sneak out one night to find a new place, heading to the library and a bed and breakfast to a school. Can they find a new home before it's too late, or will the groups of mice not be willing to share their homes with Cheddar and his family?

The cuteness is on overload over here, folks. Cheddar can write. Like with a full-size pencil. He sometimes can't help himself, like when he eats half of a girl's cheese sandwich because he's so hungry. (Cheddar cheese is his favorite, FYI.) He makes friends with dogs and with children, but cats will never work out. He stands up to a nasty, angry gang of mice at the grocery store, and after reading that passage I seriously had to consider how I feel about my local grocery store mice. His adventures were just lovely, and it was nice to read a children's book that was fluffy for me but that I know would be highly enjoyed by the 3 foot set in my life. 

My absolute, no-doubt-about-it, favorite part of this book was the library scene. The mice who call that habitat home all have names that correspond with sections of the Dewey Decimal System. There's Nonfiction and General History. Seriously. I'm not kidding. It's absolutely glorious, and it was just a fun, lovely book to read. I enjoyed myself immensely and I look forward to putting this on my child's bookshelf to one day read aloud with him.  

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