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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cheddar's Tales: Showdown in Crittertown

The drama continues! Or at least, it does in showdown in Crittertown by Justine Fontes. 

Now that things have settled down around the post office, word on the street is that the local elementary school will have to close due to a budget crisis. Cheddar and the gang love these students and can't imagine not seeing them after school regularly. They hatch a plan with the students to save the school. Meanwhile, a rumor is brewing of war between the post office colony and the library colony. Who is making the weapons and planning to take over? Can Chefdar come up with a solution in time to save everyone from certain ruin? 

Just as with the first book, Cheddar and company are completely adorable and melt-worthy in this second book. Cheddar is a kind soul, and it's clear when he draws up a peace treaty between the Post Office and Library gangs that he cares about not just his own family, but also the greater good of mice in Crittertown. He comes up with the idea to hold an anual Mouselympics competition between the two houses, and it turns out well for everyone. It's a sweet moment, and it has a nice moral to it as well. 

Also I this book, character development begins to expand. Cheddar and Nilla both have crushes in the library clan, even though Nilla's is what led to the sharing of post office information, which facilitated the peace treaty. Poor girl; she just wanted to be loved back. Cheddar, though, has a crush on Poetry, and by the end of the book it looked like it might be headed somewhere. He did give her one of his beloved cheddar crackers, after all. 

As an adult reading this book, I thought it was incredibly humerus that the mice and the children solved the school budget crisis by just raising the shortage. After all, we know budgets don't work like that. However, from a kiddo perspective, it's an uplifting take that shows the power of teamwork and what can happen if we all care just a little about our fellow man (or mouse, if you will). 

Realistic budgeting 

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