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Monday, August 22, 2011

The First Husband

This is the book I spent my "relaxing" weekend with (and I use that term very loosely because it somehow involved not arriving home until 2am Saturday, then awaking to meet the plumber at 7:30am, followed by weeding in the yard and another plumbing problem upstairs).  However, The First Husband by Laura Dave was a decent book to spend a non-thinking weekend with.

It's the story of Annie, a travel writer who is unceremoniously dumped by her director boyfriend one evening out of the blue.  As she deals with this surprise, she meets Griffin and marries him in less than six months.  This precedes a move across the country to small town Massachusetts, and Annie finds that her restlessness is still present even in her happiness.  What happens?  Read to find out.

I have to say, if I hadn't finished this book by last night I was going to go ahead and return it to the library.  The characters didn't grab me, and I felt the protagonist, Annie, was quite whiny.  Sometimes bad things happen honey, and you have to deal with it.  She has a job she loves, and she has a loyal best friend who gets lost in the story-shuffle.  She has two men fighting for her affection and instead of my rooting for the catalyst (Griffin), I find myself thinking that Annie didn't deserve either one.  I wanted her to learn to be grateful for her blessings, not complain up a storm about what she had.

In conclusion, this book might be your choice if you are looking for a summer beach read or something to read on the plane that doesn't require all hands on deck.  This was an appropriate book for my first post-summer non-working weekend, and I was able to finish it in two days.  That counts as a success in my book.

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