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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Was Told There'd Be Cake

So I read the follow up first.  Sue me.  It really doesn't matter, because I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley is everything it is cracked up to be--and more.

This book of essays opens on Crosley discussing her fear of dying while out in New York City and her parents having to clean out her apartment--oh boy, what they'd find.  And not of the usual, "Oh, my parents can't find that" variety, but more of the, "Haha, oh...that..." kind. And it will crack you up.

This was not a book I wanted to put down for a second, because when you read Crosley's essays you feel like you are at brunch with your best friend.  Her essay on being a bridesmaid in a long-lost (and should-have-stayed-lost) friend made me laugh and cry so hard that I realized...I understood.  Holy cow.

So basically what I am saying is go pick up this book.  Then go read her follow up, How Did You Get This Number.  You won't regret it.

I have recently decided that people who don't like Crosley can be summed up into one of the following four categories of people: serial killers, dolphin poachers, dolts, and those people who don't pick up after their dog on my street--you know who you are.  If you can't enjoy Crosley's storytelling then you should get your head checked.  Because you probably fell off a swing set when you were a child.

 [Ok, right now you are saying to me, "Nic, where is your review on Sloane Crosley's follow up?"  And you are right, it's not fair for me to not include it.  So here you go.  Short but sweet.]

A wonderfully funny, at times snarky and at times meaningful, collection of essays that thrilled me until the end. At which point my heart broke with Sloane's. How so, you ask? You must read to find out.

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