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Friday, October 5, 2012

Gone Girl

Last week I read Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl.

Truthfully, I could end the post right there because this book blew my mind so hard that I actually couldn't put it down. I slept with this book in my bed next to me. Rarely do I ever start writing down my thoughts on a book before I finish, but I started jotting down feelings a quarter of the way through.


On her fifth wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing. Her living room is upended and blood has been cleaned from the kitchen floor. Her husband, Nick, is super suspicious. As the story unfolds, nothing will be as it seems.

I thoroughly enjoyed Flynn's Dark Places and Sharp Objects, so of course I mentally flagged Gone Girl when I heard it was coming out. Unfortunately I didn't immediately jump in the library queue and then suddenly over 1,000 requests were in for this sucker. So I patiently sat on my hands while I waited for this book to be ready for a visit to my home while everyone else and their brother and their mother read it and made me feel out of the loop. Then it came to me and all was right with the world and I slept with it.

This book is split into three sections, with chapters alternating between real-time Nick and Amy's diary. I couldn't put it down. 2 AM came and I still couldn't stop. My eyes were closing and my mind asked me to sleep and I said, "No, mind, not now. I'm busy." And when I finished the book, I was finally able to breathe. I have so much I want to say about how I feel about the characters but I just can't here, because that wouldn't be fair to those who have not yet had the pleasure of picking this book up. To give away anything--plot details, character details, feelings toward these two things--would be criminal. And I always (mostly) follow the law.

If you could go ahead and read it this weekend and call me so we can talk about it I would be super grateful. Don't wait in the library queue. Just buy it already.

Kindle version on the left, hard copy on the right.

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