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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Scarlet Letter

Ah, it's classics time. And really, what gets more classic than adultery and public shaming in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne?

Hester Pryne cheats on her husband. She gets knocked up. She has to wear a bright red "A" on every dress she owns. The baby turns out to be kinda awesome and fairy-like--Hester names her Pearl. Lots of stuff goes down, we find out the father, and we are all like, "Whoa. Really? That dude?" Pearl grows to love him. It's all good.

Well, kinda. I mean, Hester goes through some major stuff, y'all, and it's rough for a bit. But she is super stoic. She's all like, "I'm proud of my baby. She's so much better than yours." Which is kind of true according to Hawthorne. She's a little Sprite. And adorable. Super adorable.

Overall, yeah, I enjoyed it. There were times though, when I was all like, "Nat, get to the point dude!" I loved the conclusion, but that might have been because Hester came across as far more elusive than anywhere else in the book--and that is saying something. I am happy that I finally had a chance to read this piece of classic literature, but I can't say it has been my favorite.

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