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Monday, May 4, 2015

Yoga for Beginners: What Every Yoga Beginner Should Know Before Practice

Over the weekend I picked up Ashley Leesburg's Yoga for Beginners: What Every Yoga Beginner Should Know Before Practice. Even though I am a practiced yogi (still a practicing yogi!), I thought it would be good to go back to basics.

If you are interested in trying out yoga but don't know where to begin, spend a dollar and pick up this book. It covers everything from why you should practice to what you should expect in a room, from props to poses.

There are so many reasons to choose to practice. I have found a calmness in the practice, and I have found a confidence in my body that I never knew I could have. I am amazed at the strength that I have built over time, even after I stepped away from it for a year (thanks, grad school!), and I continually amaze myself at how much flexibility I've held onto through the years after my gymnastics training. Yoga has also done tremendous good for my lower back, which I injured in elementary school and has bothered me throughout my life. My mother used to try to cajole me into going, and I thought I would never have the patience for it, but it turns out she was right. (Do you hear that Mom? You were right.)

This book covers tips and tricks for basic poses, and there are even pictures that help you understand what these look like from the outside. You will have an understanding of what you are getting into and how to take advantage of your first few sessions in the practice. 

For purchase below. 

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