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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Complexity of a Soldier

I am home in Atlanta for over a week, and I chose The Complexity of a Soldier by Michelle Bellon as my plane read on the way home. 

Rory and Emily are a very young and happily married couple when Rory suddenly gets laid off--and decides to join the Army as a means to joining a police department.  Emily supports him through his basic training and as he moves toward becoming a member of the Military Police.  Then everything changes--September 11 happens and ensures this.  Rory suddenly finds himself deployed for a year.  Can their young marriage survive, and can Rory handle everything that happens while he is gone?

I enjoyed the story of Rory and Emily as a couple and the times that flashed back to their meeting, falling in love, and marrying.  It was a sweet story that made me smile. 

I am not wont to put spoilers in my posts so take it for what it's worth.  The story was on an even keel until the molestation plot line came in about 75% of the way through the story.  It was sudden and felt like a completely different story for another book.  Molestation or child abuse isn't brought up prior to the incident so it feels very jarring.  The events that follow are also hard to grasp on a realistic level.

Overall though it was an entertaining read with characters that are, deep down, very good people who only want what is best for their lives and for their families.  The relationship between Rory and his best friend that he meets at basic, J.T., was thorough and honest to the core.  When J.T. makes a decision that changes everything, it feels realistic and truthful, and ultimately it will hit home with many military families as will the trials that Emily and Rory go through together.

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