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Friday, May 25, 2012

My Booky Wook

This is what Celebrity Memoir Friday brings you: My Booky Wook by Russel Brand.  How fitting, as the divorce was announced only a few months ago?

It's a memoir y'all--do I really need to synopsize?   This memoir follows Brand from his childhood in the UK to his earnest (kind of) shot at drama school, then to his early stint on MTV in the UK.  Nothing really about his marriage as the story ends right before this event.  Oh, there is plenty on his addictions--drugs and sex, mostly.  Because what good is a memoir if it doesn't recount vices?

As far as memoirs go, this wasn't quite my favorite.  I enjoy Brand as a comedian for the most part so I was hoping to really enjoy his book more than I did.  The more the book progressed the more I got into the stories; I just had a hard time getting into the early-childhood stuff.  I prefer getting rough and tumble with the hard times in celebrities lives--I do enjoy a good addiction/hard times-turned-recovery/good times story.  Schadenfreude much?

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