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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lola Bensky: A Novel

I was taken by the premise of this book, and I had to read it immediately. Lola Bensky by Lily Brett was such a lovely treat, like Christmas cookies. 

It's 1967, and the London music scene has never looked so good. The Stones, The Beatles, Janis, Jimi, and everyone in between. Lola Bensky is nineteen and a reporter for an Australian publication; she is sent to London to cover the music scene. Lola is a bit overweight, wholly lacking confidence, and fascinated beyond belief. As we see Lola grow older and look back on her time in London, we watch history unfold through the eyes of a young woman in her prime.

If you are a fan of the music of the time (and really, would you ever trust anyone who was not?), you will love the tale spun by Brett, a journalist, that imagines what these interviews would have looked like and the experiences Lola would have had.

What I appreciated most in this book was Lola herself. Her self-consciousness and constant desire to lose weight is so easy to relate to as young female (or as one looking back on that time). Don't we all look back and wish we appreciated that time in our lives when we were at our skinniest (even though we complained about how fat we felt), our loveliest (although we wished we had longer/shorter/straiter/wavier hair), and our eagerest (if I only I could get that job...). The imperfectness of Lola was what made her so human, so real, and so relatable.

Hard copy for purchase below. Enjoy!

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