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Monday, September 30, 2013

Blowback: A Vanessa Pierson Novel

We all know how much I love crime, and I have had an obsession with the CIA since, like, middle school, so when I found out Valerie Plame had a novel coming out (with Sarah Lovett), a thriller-CIA-bad guy brouhaha called Blowback, I almost hit myself with excitement.

Vanessa Pierson is a CIA agent stationed in Europe and hot on the tail of Bhoot, a terrorist with ties to the Iranian nuclear program. As she meets with a source, he is gunned down in front of Vanessa, signaling the beginning of one of the most intense and frightening chases of her life. She must prove her worth to the higher ups, finding out the details of Bhoot's whereabouts and his upcoming trip to the nuclear facility before he can eliminate all of the most important people to the case.

I love a good thriller, and this was certainly worth the read. I was initially curious as to what Plame would put out, as she clearly has extensive experience in covert ops and would know how to weave a good tale based on her experience. I was engaged, interested, and entertained by this story; the tale was intricate yet I still had the ability to grasp onto what was happening. In other words, it was worldly enough that even I could understand the intricacies of the CIA.

I also found myself caring about Vanessa as a character. She was fully developed, honestly written, and flawed enough to be realistic. She makes mistakes and deals with the consequences; she also follows her gut when she needs to. I rooted for her and wanted her to succeed, and she stayed on my mind long after I closed the book. I appreciate strong character development, and I found that here.

Kindle version on left, hard copy on right.

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