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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blogger Girl: A Novel

How meta, isn't it? No, Blogger Girl by Meredith Schorr is not about me. It's better than that.

Kim is a legal secretary by day and book blogger by lunch-hour. She deals with her job; she is good at it and loves her boss, but it's not like there is any room for growth. No matter, it gives her the time to work on Purple is the New Black, her beloved blog. As her high school reunion approaches, Kim has to juggle insecurities about her job with running into her high school nemesis who has just so happens to have just published her first novel--and wants Kim to review it. Combine that with her work crush possibly being something more, and Kim's life is on a whirlwind joy ride around New York City.

Such a meta book in so many ways. Kim, or "Kimmie" to her crush, has devoted her blog strictly to chick lit, and lo and behold, this book is squarely in the chick lit category. Which I certainly didn't mind. Chick lit means that the romance angle is kept squarely to a minimum and that it hits on the main character's needs and wants--light and fluffy with a fun story, keeping the crazy dalliances to a minimum while still leaving the reader flush with cotton candy-like happiness. I appreciated how Schorr kept to her word and kept this book exactly that. 

I really enjoyed Kim's relationship with her best friend; it was complicated enough without being life-or-death, and in the end friendship conquers all. I particularly loved the high school reunion scene, but you will have to pick up the book yourself to read it. Speaking of the reunion scene, Schorr did a great job of capturing the awkwardness of seeing these people for the first time in ten years while still being excited to find out where everyone has ended up. Rather than dreading the reunion, Kim and her friends find bright spots to look forward to. 

This was a nice companion to a long week for me; it allowed me to suspend by own world for some time and dive into a lighter and more fun one. Never change, Kimmie--never change.

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  1. Thank you, Nicole! I'm so glad you enjoyed Blogger Girl :)