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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dark Matter: A Novel

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch came out a while ago, and honestly, I read it a while ago. Sometimes I just run behind on my reviews, so here I am catching up the week before Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to winter break to catch up on my blog!

One night, Jason heads out to meet a super successful colleague at a bar. He's feeling a little down on himself -- he's just a professor with a gorgeous artist wife and a healthy son, after all (sense my sarcasm?) -- and on his way home, he is kidnapped by a man in a mask who looks and sounds awfully familiar. He's taken to a warehouse, stripped down, and put into a box. When he comes out of it, he is still himself, and it's still the current time -- but he is somewhere else with a different life. No wife, no kid, and this time he's the successful one. What happened? How did his early choices in life affect where he is now? Most importantly -- how does he get back to his old life that he now wants back more than anything in the world?

So, bad Nicole, this book was read months ago. Maybe I can get away with saying that I was waiting for my husband to read it? Which there is definitely some truth to, as I thought he would really enjoy it. He did -- he whipped through it in a whole day. I was impressed.

I was also happy with this book. I never really got science as an adolescent, and now that I'm older, I find myself often wanting to know and understand more about physics. This book wasn't necessarily a first choice in terms of content (I'm not much of a sci-fi or fantasy person), but I am incredibly happy I picked it up. It had enough science for me to learn something new, and it was enough of a well-told story with a great arc and fantastic characters that I completely bought into the premise and then into the whole story. I was rooting for Jason the entire time, and I couldn't stop turning the pages to get to the rest of the story. It was a complicated enough plot line for me to be in it to win it, and the topsy-turvy curves of the story were fascinating.

The one issue I had was that I wasn't in love with the ending, but I also recognize that there was no ending that could serve the characters to the fullest -- except this one. It still sits with me, but I also believe that the feeling I have is the sign of a good book. I couldn't stop thinking for days about how uncomfortable the ending made me feel, and that is more of a testament to a great book that has gripped me and made me think hard rather than a book that had a dull ending. It was a great choice, and one that made me think deeply.

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