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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lois Lane: Double Down

OHMIGAWD I HAVE SUCH A STORY FOR YOU ABOUT THIS BOOK. At Book Expo last year, in Chicago, I was running a wee bit late to the floor open event, and I missed that Gwenda Bonf was going to be signing the next Lois Lane book, and I only knew because I was at another signing at the next booth when I saw a poster for Double Down. I begged the booth for a copy, but they were all out. Sadly, of course, I understood. Lois is a pretty rad chick. So I ordered myself a copy. Because I'm worth it. 

Not weeks after Lois broke the case of Anavi and the Warheads, her new best friend Maddy tells her of the odd things going on with her twin sister, Melody. The twins aren't close, and haven't been for years, but it's still Maddy's sister, after all. Melody has been having weird spells, almost out of body experiences, at odd moments. It turns out she answered an ad at school looking for bright students to participate in a science experiment. Ever since, she had these spells and inexplicably grabs her wrist. Lois and the Scoop gang start digging and discover the town mob boss is involved -- as is James's dad, the former Mayor who has been in jail since his corruption case broke. How is all of this connected? Only Lous can put it all together. 

I had a blast with this book over the weekend. I wanted nothing more than a day to read a book cover to cover, and I knew this was my gem. It was everything I hoped for. Lois is still Lois -- driving her dad nuts, getting into spots she has to talk her way out of, and charming the pants off of SmallvilleGuy, the mysterious love of her life she only knows through an Internet chat room. I am so intrigued to see where Bond is taking this relationship, and she does an outstanding job of setting her stories up for long term consumption. There are enough kernels throughout each of her books to keep a longer storyline going, and it never feels overwrought or forced. It's interesting, and enough to keep me coming back. As if Lois herself wasn't. 

Lois is one of those characters that is lovely and flawed but still so strong and independent. In my eyes, she is the perfect heroine, and I love that Bond has taken on her mantel to fly her flag. I despise whiny women characters, and those who are weak willed and fold like a house of cards. Last night, actually, we watched Iron Man (my love is hell bent on intiating me into the Marvel universe). I despise Pepper Potts. How whiny and nervous and anxious to please she was. It was a nice reminder of what I love about Bond's Lois. She's a fighter and independent and young but wants so desperately to be older. I dig it, and I dig her, and I can't wait to see where Bond continues to take her. 

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