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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bully Bean

I picked this book up at Book Expo America because I loved the concept and illustrations--and I wanted to tell you all about it! Bully Bean by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck, illustrated by Len DiSalvo.

Bully Bean is mean. He picks on his fellow beans, he plays tricks on them, and he makes them all very scared. One day Bully Bean makes a poor choice and finds his life in danger. When those that he has terrorized choose to help him instead of ignore him, Bully Bean learns a valuable lesson and begins treating others with the care and respect everyone deserves.

I am so excited to give this book as a gift to a young man just entering the world! (Welcome to life, Killian!) I love the story overall--the length, the reading level, the poetry integrated into the story, and the moral. The illustrations are kid-friendly and beautiful, and the writing hits the nail on the head. This is a great book to use to teach children to be kind to one another while also encouraging them to help those in need regardless of how they treat you. Bullies are everywhere; it's up to you to be kind.

What is the most valuable about this book series, however, is the last few pages of the book which feature activities and learning extensions for you to do with your small people on the topic of bullying. They are age-appropriate and can be done in an adult-child dyad to take the topic and reading to the next level.

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