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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stuck in the Doldrums and If You Were Me and Lived in Mexico

Today I have two books by children's book author Carole P. Roman. First up, we have Stuck in the Doldrums: A Lesson in Sharing. This is part of her Captain No Beard series, which follows the adventures of the captain and his crew as they sail the high seas.

Captain No Beard and his crew find they are marooned in the doldrums this particular day. When the captain pulls a power play and takes a telescope from Mongo the monkey who is using it to while away the time, the crew decides they have had enough of the captains bossiness and that he is on his own. But when Captain No Beard discovers that a squid is attacking their ship, he must make amends quickly and learn to share, or he must say goodbye to his beloved mode of transportation. No one likes a bossypants.

I absolutely adored the illustrations in this book. Roman is very talented, and I felt that illustrations were very well-done and were colorful and busy enough to capture the attention of any rowdy toddler. Also, who doesn't like pirates? (No one, that's who.) I found the moral of the story to be important and timely; if you can't share with others, you can't expect them to help you out in your time of need--but, on the other hand, if someone is mean to you and needs your help, you should consider being the bigger person and helping them regardless of what they have done to hurt you.

The second book I read by Carole P. Roman was If You Were Me and Lived in Mexico, which is part of her larger series that describes what life would be like if you lived in different countries. This one focuses on Mexico, and it includes what you would call your parents (mama and papa), what money is called (pesos), where you would learn things (escuela, or a school) and what popular names you might be named (Alejandro and Sophia, for example).

Um, I am madly in love with this series. Like, whole hog. How amazing is this--a series of books, others of which currently include France and South Korea, that creatively share information about other cultures with lovely illustrations and plain language for kids of all sizes. The information Roman has chosen to share is the right amount (not too much, not to little) and right on the money (names, titles, and things that are relatable to children). I can't wait to pick up a copy of the rest of the countries to give for an upcoming baby gift! (Could I put in a request for Germany, Australia, and Canada? Pretty please?)

Stuck in the Doldrums (Kindle on left, hard copy on right):

If You Were Me and Lived in Mexico...


  1. Thank you for the great reviews! Australia, India, Kenya, Norway and Turkey are in production. If the series catches on I will follow with the countries of your choice!

  2. Hi Carole!

    I became ridiculously excited when I saw the countries--count me in! I am looking forward to picking them up when they come out.