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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Utopia Day, Joe McCarthy: A Novel

Everything I was expecting and more, this is J.T. Lundy's Happy Utopia Day, Joe McCarthy

Chris Thompson is an average United States Customs Agent with a wife and a son and a house and a job and that's about it. When he is called to a meeting out of the blue by the President of the United States, he finds himself on Bond-like mission of unparalleled proportions that involves an invented stealth invasion by Mexico and Canada, a government takeover by the Big Mac party, a retroactive adoption of McCarthian ideals, and a classified government program involving torture, Utopia, and Mackwacky.

So here's the deal. I picked up this book because I was desperately hoping for a farce of epic proportions mocking the government and 1950's ideals. I not only got what I asked for, but was also pleasantly surprised with the hilarious intrigue and satirical espionage that wraps around the (story) fig like (detail) bacon. This story is so farcical and outlandish that you can't not love it; it is a smart comedic send-up of a fringe political party (ahem...ring a bell?) and a cautionary satiric tale on the dangers of a government gone too far. Appropriate for today, no?

My favorite part of this whole story is not just its outlandishness but its brazen disregard for reality while still grounding the work in what could freakishly turn out to be a real government program. (No, I don't believe something like Emergence exists...or do I? And what is "Emergence," you ask? Read the book. Then you will know.) I loved how I could just giggle uncontrollably at the quick-witted jokes. (Really, Chris? You are a member of the Tri-Delt security clearance?) I loved that Lundy continuously brought back in Karen and Scotty, Chris's wife and son, for a human effect while still employing them for comedic purposes. I loved the ending that you don't see coming, but you do. Basically, I had so much with this book and you should too.

We all need more fun in our lives. Kindle version on left, hard copy on right.


  1. I'm half way though the book so far and am already looking forward to his next one.

    1. I know! It was just a laugh-out-load ball of fun. Thanks for stopping in, Bruce--and thank you for your comment!