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Monday, August 3, 2015

Captain No Beard: Strangers on the High Seas & The Aurora Borealis

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! It's time for more of Carole Roman's Captain No Beard series here on Sassy Peach, Book Blogger.

In Strangers on the High Seas, Captain No Beard has a new crew mate on board, but she's not old enough to contribute much. She also poops her pants. No Beard finds Cayla, the small crew member, very annoying and always in his way. When Barnabas the Scurvy Dog's ship comes upon them ready to attack, will No Beard accept help from Cayla or will he be able to save his ship on his own?

In The Aurora Borealis, Captain No Beard and his crew find themselves heading toward the North Star -- and it's freezing there! When No Beard decides he wants to take a piece of this area home with him, the crew revolts. Then they come upon the Aurora Borealis -- the most beautiful, colorful thing any of them have ever seen! Instead of stealing it, Hallie convinces No Beard to recreate the Aurora Borealis in his room.

I really do love Captain No Beard. I think he is such a creative, lovely boy who teaches a lesson in all of his books, whether it is inclusion as in Strangers on the High Seas or honesty and creativity in Aurora Borealis. I find it so important to teach a strong lesson in children's books, and I feel that Captain No Beard does that with fun and inventive situations, including animals that talk and encourage No Beard to make the right decision. 

I also love that Cayla is now integrated into Captain No Beard's crew once she shows up in Strangers on the High Seas. The relationships between characters is clear and encourages sibling participation, which is something I've never been personally good at. (Sorry, Laura.) I love that it's vital to the storyline and encouraging for young kids. 

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