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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Book Expo 2017 Round Up

I had fully intended to blog each day of Book Expo -- hence why there were no book reviews this week -- but plans changed pretty quickly. First, they shortened the show floor hours to two days (as opposed to 2.5 in the past), and then my full scale exhaustion from being almost 38 weeks pregnant and a lunatic for trying to do the door full out led to me pretty much not moving when I got home both afternoons.

That being said, it was a really great two days on the floor. I severely limited myself this year to titles that I either planned ahead for or that I desperately wanted after talking to publicists about. I still ended up with more than my self-imposed limit, but I can rest easy knowing that I will read them all, and fairly quickly at that. 

This is what Thursday looked like: 


As you can imagine, I was beside myself to get the newest Max book and the new Jesmyn Ward novel. To be able to tell her for a second time what Men We Reaped meant to me was everything. She told me it was the hardest book she ever had to write, and I told her it was beautiful and necessary. That book should be required reading for anyone in high school. I hope to find a way to add it to my own curriculum someday. In fact, in the entry line on Friday I met a librarian with whom I was gushing about Jesmyn (she was also a huge fan), and she commented on how Men was an unsung piece that was Between the World and Me before that one was ever released. I had never thought of that, but it was a great descriptor. 

The Mo Willems book brought me to tears, as it was the perfect book for this moment as we are just days away from welcoming our own little one home. 

I had to leave at 3pm. I was in so much pain and could barely hobble out the door. I pushed way too hard, but I don't regret a thing. The final pic from Thursday: 

I'm excited about Unraveling Oliver and The  Immortalists as well. Like I said -- a great haul overall. 

Friday was also great, and o paced myself more. A LOT more sitting, even while in line. I was still hurting when I got home, but it wasn't as bad. 

This book excited me because I am a SCOTUS junkie and one of my nearest and dearest is a SCOTUS scholar. I got it to read then pass on to him. I may actually just send him a fresh copy. 


You may recall my deep and abiding love of Gwenda Bond's Lois Lane series, and I almost peed myself when I spoke with the lovely people at Capstone who told me they would be doing a giveaway. I was the second person in line. I was also pumped about the examination of emojis as language in The Emoji Code, and Celeste Ng's new book was a no brainier. I was willing to sacrifice one other book drop to get her new one. I think it will be worth it. The Rapunzel book was inscribed to this little boy of ours:


How sweet is that? 

See this? I told John Grisham that I have read almost his while cannon so I'm going to need him to type faster. He laughed and said he has two books coming out this year -- this one and a legal thriller in the fall. 


I also saw a conversation with Senator Al Franken. It was funny and smart and wonderful. 


The final count. So much for it being a slow day on Friday:


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